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20 Series Quickhitch

$1,650 +GST

The 20 series quickhitch is a quick attachment system for coupling and uncoupling implements. Simply attach the quick hitch to your loader and then quickly connect the quick hitch to your chosen implement and go – no more cut fingers or hammering of pins when changing implements. When fully in place the quickhitch will self-lock onto your attachment saving your time and hassle.

20 Series to Euro Quickhitch

$1,650 +GST

Use your Pearson loader to pick up all attachments with a Euro backplate. As with the 20 series self-locking is standard on all Pearson Euro quickhitches, a simple spring loaded mechanism locks when the implement is crowded fully back making it fast and easy to safely attach.

Pearson Engineering 35mm Quickhitch

35mm Quickhitch

$1,650 +GST

The 35mm quickhitch is suitable for 3218 and 3518 single or twin crowd tractors. If you have a newer loader but older implements then we also a have 20-35 option available.

Adaptor Hitch

$1,810$2,780 +GST

Adaptor hitches allow you to attach your current quickhitch to implements with a different backplate (perfect if you are quickly borrowing some gear from the neighbour but your backplates don’t match).

Pearson adaptor hitches can connect:

  • From 20 series to euro
  • Euro to 20 series
  • Euro to 35 series
  • As well as options from telehandlers to Euro

Lifting Jib

$2,130 +GST
  • Multi purpose lifting jib increases reach and height.
  • 1800mm reach.
  • Snap hook for safety
  • Back plates are available for all loaders