Effluent Spreader

Safety Features:

  • Deep domed ends
  • Tank implosion valve
  • Pump pressure relief valve (on tank and pump)
  • Automatic vacuum pump lubrication
  • Suction hose end protection

Quality Features:

  • Internal rings and/or baffles on all tanks
  • Full chassis inclusive of drawbar for strength
  • Constant velocity PTO drive shaft
  • Brass and galvanised fittings
  • Rear drawbar
  • Double moisture traps
  • Inlet port and brackets ready for ezyfil option


Ease of Use Features:

  • Fast filling
  • Trays on tank for carrying suction hose
  • Swivel towing eye
  • Hydraulically operated rear outlet valve
  • Lever operated inlet valve
  • Quick coupler for connection of suction hose to tank
  • Effluent spread of 12 metres approximately
  • Two piece suction hose (approx 8.5m)
  • Self centring bottom hatch for easy cleaning

Optional Features:

  • Ezyfil controlled from tractor cab
  • 900 spreader for sidling banks and valleys
  • Top hatch with ladder
  • Tandem axles
  • Agitator for inside tank
  • Drawbar for pond stirrer
  • Truck mounted option available
  • Large tyre options
  • Injector
  • Hydraulic brakes
  • Larger tanks available on request
Classification5,000 Litre8,000 Litre10,000 Litre12,000 Litre16,000 Litre
Actual Capacity (L)5,7408,16010,50012,79516,020
Length (mm)4,8376,3106,5347,4347,434
Width (mm)2,3952,3952,4102,4102,555
Height (mm)2,6702,8603,1773,2183,420
Pump Capacity (L per min)6,5008,00011,00013,50013,500
Unladen Weight (kg)1,5002,0003,1003,5004,090
Laden Weight (approx kg)7,24010,00013,60016,29520,110