Mighty Grader Blades

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None Pearson Slate Grey John Deere Green
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Pearson Mighty Grader Blades are ideal for track maintenance, backfilling, landscaping and vee draining. The hydraulic versions are particularly versatile, especially when a 3rd hydraulic service kit option is specified. This enables a tractor rear remote service to be doubled by the use of a 6 port divertor.

Features include:

  • Well-formed mouldboard offering excellent cleaning ability. They have reversible cutting edges.
  • Pins support both sides of the adjustment plate for strength and durability.
  • Super-strong, re-tensionable, greasable angle/pivot pins for long life. Monocoque chassis for extra strength.
  • All blades are fully reversible.
  • Super strong headstock using a 50mm pivot pin. Parking leg standard. Double clevis mounting to 3 point linkage.
  • Excellent movement in all three areas angle, camber, and offset. The back of the blade is clear so there is less chance of damage when reversing up.
  • Industrial heavy duty leveling wheel.
  • Reinforced mouldboard to the outside edge for strength and durability.

Optional extras:

  • Levelling wheels
  • 3rd service (manual & electric options)
  • Manual version or 1, 2, or 3 hydraulic rams available


  • Tractors with Cat.3 Quicklink lower link require modified mounting plates. Please advise at the time of purchase.
  • Blade angle relative to tractor = offset angle plus set angle
Mighty - Manual210070-1205001760+/- 40º36º37º
Mighty - 1 Ram210070-1205201910+/- 40º36º37º
Mighty - 2 Ram210070-1205301910+/- 40º36º37º
Mighty - 3 Ram210070-1205401910+/- 40º36º37º
Mighty - Manual240070-1205201760+/- 40º36º37º
Mighty - 1 Ram240070-1205401910+/- 40º36º37º
Mighty - 2 Ram240070-1205501910+/- 40º36º37º
Mighty - 3 Ram240070-1205601910+/- 40º36º37º