20-46 Front End Loader

  • Twin crowd.
  • All cylinders double acting.
  • Port relief in control valve for protection against overloading.
  • Bucket size 2.4m x 1.5m.


  • Third service kit with control in joystick handle.
  • Hydraulic multi coupler four port.
  • Mechatronic control.
  • Shock absorption system.
  • Self levelling.
  • Hydraulic locking on quickhitch.
  • Third service two port multi coupler or QRCs on quickhitch.


LOADER TYPE20-4620-46 SL
'A' maximum lift height4577mm4577mm
'B' clearance with bucket dumped3515mm3515mm
'C' maximum dumping angle56º56º
'D' roll back angle45º45º
'E' pivot point height21882188
Digging depth250mm250mm
Lift ram4.0"4.0"
Crowd ram3.25"3.25"
Slave ramN/A3.25"
Suitable horsepower150 + hp150 + hp
Calcs based on oil pressure (psi)2700psi2650psi