20-43 Front End Loader

  • Twin crowd
  • All cylinders double acting
  • Port relief incorporated in control valve for protection against overloading
  • Large range of implements


  • Third service kit with control in joystick handle
  • Hydraulic multi coupler four port with electrical circuit for third service
  • Electronic proportional control
  • Shock absorption system
  • Self levelling
  • Hydraulic locking on quickhitch
  • Third service two port multi coupler or QRCs on quickhitch


LOADER TYPE20-4320-43 SL
'A' maximum lift height4265mm4265mm
'B' clearance with bucket dumped3349mm3349mm
'C' maximum dumping angle55º55º
'D' roll back angle45º45º
'E' digging depth160mm160mm
'F' pivot point height21032103
Lift ram3.5"3.5"
Crowd ram3.25"3.25"
Slave ram3.25"3.25"
Suitable horsepower100 + hp100 + hp
Calcs based on oil pressure (psi)2700psi2700psi