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20 Series Quickhitch

$1,650 +GST

A quick attachment system for coupling and uncoupling implements. You simply unpin the bucket, pin the Quickhitch on and then pick your bucket up with the Quickhitch.

No more cut fingers and hammering of pins when changing implements.

A self locking unit is standard on all 20 Series loaders.

20 Series to Euro Quickhitch

$1,650 +GST

Euro style Quickhitch allows your Pearson loader to pick up all attachments with euro back plates.

Self locking is standard on the Pearson Euro Quickhitch.

A simple spring loaded mechanism locks when the implement is crowded fully back.

35mm Quickhitch

$1,650 +GST

Quickhitch suitable for 3218 and 3518, single or twin crowd tractors.

Available in 20-35 to allow new loaders to pick up earlier style implements.

Adaptor Hitch

$1,810$2,780 +GST

Adaptor Hitch designed to attach to existing loader quick hitch to pick up implements with a different backplate.

  • To convert from 20 Series to Euro.
  • From Euro to 20 Series.
  • 20 Series to 35 Series.
  • Euro to 35 Series.
  • Plus options available for telehandlers to Euro