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Bucket Grab

For feeding/loading of multiple products. Eliminates changing implements. Easy cleaning.

  • 35mm greaseable pins.
  • Bolt on forged tynes.
  • Replaceable bushes in all pivot points.
  • Cutting edge – Made from hard wearing 450 HB abrasion resistant steel, for maximum wear life.
  • Back plates available for most loaders or telehandlers.

Shear Grab

3rd service required.

This is the ultimate! It leaves a clean cut face to help eliminate spoilage and wastage.

Bisalloy cutting knives are razor sharp and for efficient operation they need maintaining regularly with an oilstone or a divers knife sharpener.

Back plates are available to suit all loaders and telehandlers.

High capacity due to solid lump being extracted, care required when specifying for a particular size tractor and or loader.

Silage Grabs

  • Third service required.
  • Perfect for silage, reduces wastage and time spent loading.
  • Grab opens to 1555mm, enabling the grab to handle big square bales and round bales.
  • 35mm greaseable pins.
  • Replaceable DX bushes.
  • Clamp has forged tines.
  • Available in 1.2m, 1.6m and 1.9m widths.
  • 1.2m grab utilises a single hydraulic cylinder.
  • 1.6m and 1.9m grabs utilise two hydraulic cylinders.
  • Back plates are available for all loaders.