Fence Post Clamp

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This unit is a really handy tool to have on the farm. Although primarily designed for contract fencers if you have an ongoing fencing programme on your farm then you will see a massive increase in productivity with one of these on hand.

Start by using the base blade to quickly and easily clear fence lines and push out small stumps. Then load up with a full bundle of posts – the big, beefy design of this units means you can carry more as you go to get the job done sooner! The simple-to-operate tusk clamps tightly for load security and will close down to be effective even when carrying a single post.

This unit can also double as a fixed pallet fork and tines have been spaced to match standard pallets, simply clear the tusk and get going. Tines are 1,100mm long, 125mm wide and taper from 95mm at the back to 20mm at the tip.

Backplates available for all loaders.

35mm pins for sturdy construction.

Replaceable Teflon bushes to prevent wear and tear on key componentry.