Silage Fork

$2,580$4,100 +GST

None Pearson Slate Grey John Deere Green
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1.3m wide7 Tines810mm
1.6m wide9 Tines810mm
1.8m wide11 Tines810mm


Pearson Silage forks are known for their reliability and longevity; chances are you know a farmer who is using Pearson silage forks that were purchased by their parents decades ago. These extra tough Silage forks are made with high quality German tines forged from spring steel with a conus 1 welded taper bush for extra strength. Pearson silage forks come with a high-back frame to enhance stability when transporting loads. Upgrade your Silage forks with a bolt-on high back extension (along with bolt on safety tines) to safely increase capacity.

Backplates available for all loaders.