Wrapped Bale Clamp

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Pearson Bale clamps are regarded as a must-have by farmers across the country. It’s never been easier to lift, carry and rotate bales without damaging the wrap in the process. As modern baler technology gets more advanced, bales are getting heavier and tighter. Pearson wrapped bale clamps have been designed with a unique frame which is both slim and super-strong. The thin frame means that bales sit closer to the tractor’s centre of gravity making transporting of bales much safer. The curved Horizontal bars on the main body are also designed to cover a larger surface area of the bale to reduce slippage whilst in transit which in turn offers further protection to the wrapping. These units are fitted with an extra thick equaliser bar which helps to improve longevity by preventing the unit from misaligning over time.Suitable for both square and round bales.

Backplates available for all loaders.

35mm pins for sturdy construction.

Replaceable Teflon DX bushes to prevent pin wear.