Kiwifruit Crusher and Feed Bucket

$13,210$13,710 +GST

None Pearson Slate Grey John Deere Green
Category: SKU: PEABK-Crusher
WIDTH (m)LEVEL CAPACITY m3 (trap door shut)


Provide your cattle with safe and palatable kiwifruit using the Pearson Kiwifruit Crusher/Feeder. This is a versatile choice for crushing and loading kiwifruit into wagons, troughs, or directly into paddocks. The bucket is crafted to effectively split kiwifruit through the bucket channel, reducing the risk of choking for the cows. Shut the trap door and you have now have a 530kg capacity bucket to load other feeds such as maize, silage, palm kernel, grains – anything you need! Bearings are also greaseable, enabling added longevity to the lifetime of your bucket.

Backplates available for all loaders.