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20 Series Quickhitch

A quick attachment system for coupling and uncoupling implements. You simply unpin the bucket, pin the Quickhitch on and then pick your bucket up with the Quickhitch.

No more cut fingers and hammering of pins when changing implements.

A self locking unit is standard on all 20 Series loaders.

20 Series to Euro Quickhitch

Euro style Quickhitch allows your Pearson loader to pick up all attachments with euro back plates.

Self locking is standard on the Pearson Euro Quickhitch.

A simple spring loaded mechanism locks when the implement is crowded fully back.

35mm Quickhitch

Quickhitch suitable for 3218 and 3518, single or twin crowd tractors.

Available in 20-35 to allow new loaders to pick up earlier style implements.

4 in 1 Bucket

3rd service needed.

This is just the tool to make your loader more versatile. It enables you to dig, blade, pull back and clamp up with the mouth. The bottom of the bucket shell is reinforced double skin.

Twin rams, both well protected.

Both cutting and side edges are made from hard wearing 450 HB abrasion resistant steel, for maximum wear life.

Range of sizes to suit all loaders.

Back plates available to suit most loaders or telehandlers.

Auger Bucket

3rd service required

The implement is perfect for fitting to your front end loader, and is specifically designed to handle fine chop maize silage, meal mix, kiwifruit, carrots, potatoes etc. The top auger agitator keeps the material from bridging / cavitating. The augers are hydraulically driven.

Back plates available for most loaders or telehandlers

Available for 3 pt linkage hydraulic top link required.

2.4m in width with a capacity of 1.2m3.

Big Bale Fork

Good for handling all bales round or square. Has a large conus to eliminate loosening of tines. Heavy conus wall.

  • Round bales: Standard with 1.25m long HD tines and with safety tine to minimize roll back risk
  • Square bales: Available with 1.0m long HD tines
  • Both round and square bales: 1.3m wide.

Back plates are available for all loaders or tele-handlers.

Bucket Grab

For feeding/loading of multiple products. Eliminates changing implements. Easy cleaning.

  • 35mm greaseable pins.
  • Bolt on forged tynes.
  • Replaceable bushes in all pivot points.
  • Cutting edge – Made from hard wearing 450 HB abrasion resistant steel, for maximum wear life.
  • Back plates available for most loaders or telehandlers.

Combo Fork

Dual purpose big bale or silage fork. Simply use either set of tynes to do the job you require

1.3m wide and supplied complete with 7 silage tines, 2HD big bale tines and a safety tine.

1.6m wide option supplied with 9 silage tines, 2HD big bale tines and a safety tine.

There is an extra bolt on side tines available to increase capacity.

Bolt on high back extension available.

Back plates are available for all loaders.

Fence Post Clamp

3rd service required.

This unit is a really versatile tool new to the market in 2006. It is designed primarily for contract fencers but is useful for general farming.

The tusk clears for use as a pallet fork. The Blade and tines are designed to cut off knobs and push out stumps.

The tusk clamps a full bundle of posts and closes down to grip one post.

Tines are spaced to handle standard pallets.

Back plates available for all loaders or telehandlers.

Replaceable bushes in all pivot points.


  • Opens to 1600mm.
  • 16mm Bisalloy tines.
  • Toggle action increases power in the grapple action as well as giving you a greater opening.
  • Built with 35mm pins and DX bushings.
  • Excellent visibility through the grapple.
  • Third service required.
  • Backplates available for loaders, telehandlers and excavators.

Lifting Jib

  • Multi purpose lifting jib increases reach and height.
  • 1800mm reach.

Lightweight Grapple

  • Opens to 1300mm.
  • 12mm Bisalloy tines.
  • Built with 35mm pins and DX bushings.
  • Excellent visibility through the grapple.
  • Third service required.
  • Backplates available for most loaders, mini loaders and excavators.

Log Fork

This fork is designed to handle logs and posts safely. Horns are for preventing roll back. It has a blade at the base to remove small stumps and level off knobs for fence lines.

Tines are fabricated tapered box.

Optional hydraulic tusk is available (3rd service required) which prevents longer logs tipping out sideways. (Note: this is not available to suit single crowd loaders).

The hydraulic ram is well protected.

1.5m wide.

Back plates to suit all loaders.

Pallet Fork

This fork makes your loader more versatile for the modern methods of delivery these days. You place your deliveries just where you want them quickly and efficiently. Allows for easy double handling.

Fully adjustable forged forks with position lock.

Back plates available to suit all makes of loaders.

Shear Grab

3rd service required.

This is the ultimate! It leaves a clean cut face to help eliminate spoilage and wastage.

Bisalloy cutting knives are razor sharp and for efficient operation they need maintaining regularly with an oilstone or a divers knife sharpener.

Back plates are available to suit all loaders and telehandlers.

High capacity due to solid lump being extracted, care required when specifying for a particular size tractor and or loader.

Silage Fork

Silage Fork

Ideal for both long and fine chopped silage.

1.3m wide has 7 silage tines, 810mm long.

1.6m wide has 9 silage tines, 810mm long.

Has a high back frame to prevent material falling back.

A bolt on high back extension frame is available along with bolt on side tines to increase capacity.

Back plates available for all loaders.

Silage Grabs

  • Third service required.
  • Perfect for silage, reduces wastage and time spent loading.
  • Grab opens to 1555mm, enabling the grab to handle big square bales and round bales.
  • 35mm greaseable pins.
  • Replaceable DX bushes.
  • Clamp has forged tines.
  • Available in 1.2m, 1.6m and 1.9m widths.
  • 1.2m grab utilises a single hydraulic cylinder.
  • 1.6m and 1.9m grabs utilise two hydraulic cylinders.
  • Back plates are available for all loaders.

Wrapped Bale Clamps

  • Third service required.
  • Lifts, carries and rotates bales without damage to wrap. Curved arms clamp the bale firmly.
  • Rounds and squares are handled with ease. These are ideal for farmers and contractors.
  • Back plates available to suit all loaders.
  • Complete with equaliser bar.
  • 35mm greaseable pins.
  • Replaceable DX bushes.
  • Bale sits back into frame to reduce loading on tractor.
  • Opening 550-2200mm.